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CTA Overview

The CTA operates the nation's second largest public transportation system and covers the City of Chicago and 35 surrounding suburbs. On an average weekday, approximately 1.64 million rides are taken on the CTA.

See Service Overview for more about what transit services we provide, or Facts at a Glance for more facts and statistics.

Mission Statement

Our Mission

We deliver quality, affordable transit services that link people, jobs and communities.


Our Values

We will accomplish our mission with a diverse workforce that is:


Our Commitments

We will accomplish our mission by:

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The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is an independent governmental agency created by state legislation. The CTA began operating on October 1, 1947, after it acquired the properties of the Chicago Rapid Transit Company and the Chicago Surface Lines. On October 1, 1952, CTA became the sole operator of Chicago transit when it purchased the Chicago Motor Coach system. More history facts...


Chicago Transit Board

The governing arm of the CTA is the Chicago Transit Board. The board consists of seven members, with four appointed by the Mayor of Chicago and three appointed by the Governor of Illinois.

The Mayor of Chicago has appointed Terry Peterson, Alejandro Silva, Kevin Irvine, and Rev. Johnny L. Miller as board members. Mr. Peterson serves as Chairman.

Serving alongside them are Arabel Alva Rosales and Andre Youngblood, who have been appointed by the Governor of Illinois. Ms. Alva Rosales serves as Vice Chair.

The Mayor's appointees are subject to the approval of the Governor and the Chicago City Council; the Governor's appointees are subject to the approval of the Mayor and the Illinois State Senate. CTA's day-to-day operations are directed by Dorval R. Carter, Jr., President.

Please direct your correspondence for Board Members to:

Office of the Secretary
CTA Headquarters
567 W. Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60661

Tel: 312-681-5022
Fax: 312-681-5035

Schedule for Chicago Transit Board meetings


CTA Revenue

The CTA generates revenue from farebox collections and also receives supplemental funding for operating expenses from the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).

The complete Budget documents are available under Finance/Budget.


The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

The RTA was established in 1974 to oversee local transportation operators in the six-county Chicago metropolitan area. Illinois state law requires the three RTA service boards - CTA, Metra (the suburban rail system), and Pace (the suburban bus system) to recover collectively at least 50 percent of operating costs from farebox and other system revenues. The RTA provides public funding for the agencies' remaining operating expenses.

RTA Offices
175 West Jackson, Suite 1550
Chicago, IL 60604

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