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A letter from the Chairman and President

Thank you for visiting the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) web site. This web site is designed to serve as a resource for understanding the overall organization of the CTA system and operation. Using the web site’s tools, customers can plan their travel on the bus and rail system as well as get information on new initiatives and doing business with the CTA. We hope you find it useful and informative.

The CTA is the nation’s second largest public transportation system, providing bus and rail service to the city of Chicago and 35 surrounding suburbs. CTA trains and buses provide nearly 1.7 million rides on an average weekday over eight rail lines and 129 bus routes.

With so many riders choosing to use CTA service, a modern, reliable, and convenient public transportation system is essential to the region.

Keeping up with the demands of maintaining an aging infrastructure is a challenge and one that requires consistent investment. As the leaders of the CTA, our priority is to put the CTA on secure financial footing. We will work with legislators, the private sector and our customers to secure funding, identify innovation and develop creative solutions to make the most of our resources.

All of our efforts serve to support one goal - to provide the type of service where people want to ride the system and ridership increases because of the experience.




Terry Peterson
Chicago Transit Board

Dorval R. Carter, Jr.
Chicago Transit Authority


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